"When Precision Grinding… When Close thickness Tolerances Are Critical…"

Today’s market is experiencing an increased demand for metals, both domestically and in emerging economies around the world. This demand is precipitated by evolving technologies in all sectors from commercial building and infrastructure to nuclear, medical and aerospace.  With these technologies comes the need for exacting tolerances, efficient supply chains and the ability to utilize the latest in exotic materials.

KMI is uniquely poised to enhance your companies’ ability to deliver an exceptional product. With our ISO 9001-2015 and AS 9100D certifications you can be confident that Kings Mountain International is your source for precision grinding!

Kings Mountain International, Inc. has been recognized as an industry leader in precision grinding of plates and sheets in all alloys. In critical application after critical application, from contoured plates for aerospace fuel tanks, to fuel load leaf springs and heat exchange components for nuclear power industry, to aircraft wing planks and helicopter spars, Kings Mountain International, Inc. routinely meets tolerances to ± .001″. For weight control, thin sheet grinding, contour and taper, grinding prior to machining or chemical milling… when precision counts, count on Kings Mountain International, Inc.

Precision Surface
Grinding and Polishing


  • Complete knowledge of metals and the technology of abrasives to apply to your specifications
  • State-of-the-art measurement instrumentation
  • Largest abrasive belt vacuum chuck grinding capacity in the industry
  • The ability to polish plate and sheet to #3, #4, and #8 mirror finishes
  • Protective packaging for domestic and export shipping available


  • Experience with all types of metal including titanium, aluminum, stainless, high nickel alloys, and other exotic materials
  • Plates and sheet ground to your most demanding tolerances and finishing specifications - 16-63 RMS, RA, AA as well as other parameters
  • Ability to grind sizes up to 110"x360"
  • Using a single source for close tolerance grinding and high quality finishes saves time and money
  • Plates/sheet arrive clean, damage free and ready for fabrication

Our Services:

  • Flat, Tapered and Contoured precision thickness machining
  • Tolerances to + or - .001" (+or -.0005" upon request)
  • Sizes to 110" x 360" larger sizes upon request
  • Weight control for aerospace applications
  • Thin sheet grinding to .010"
  • Pre machining preparation for chemical milling
  • Surface Finishes from 250 RMS to 12 RMS and finer

Industries We Serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense Energy
  • Architecture
  • Building Materials
  • Food Services
  • Electronics

We offer these solid cost effective solutions at
tolerances that have turned the competition away.

  • Weight Control

  • Thin Sheet Grinding

  • Preparation for Chemical Milling

  • Grinding Prior to Machining

  • Contour and Taper Grinding

  • Tolerances to ± .001″

Additional Services:

  • Polishing of Sheet and Plate Products to a #3,#4, or #8 Mirror Finish

Specializing in:

  • Titanium, Stainless and Exotic Alloys From:4″ x 6″ to 110″ x 360″

  • Larger sizes upon request

Approved for Aerospace and Nuclear Applications

For more information about KMI precision grinding services or to request a quotation – contact Kings Mountain International, today.