Kings Mountain International

KMI’s wide variety of products, combined with the creativity developing customized solutions, we are your innovative partner for high end press plates and precision grinding. The directive at Kings Mountain International, Inc. has always been its sensitivity to the changing marketplace, people’s life style and fashion trends. We listen to the industries we serve and have a dedication to provide innovative solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Our experienced staff is utilizing state of the art computer technology to present design variations and solutions prior to production. Custom tailored soft and hardware is used to transfer the digital artwork to the steel plates. Digital chemical machinery guaranties a natural and consistent image reproduction throughout the plate manufacturing. Kings Mountain International’s most modern texturing and ability to provide excellent gloss, matte and depth consistency on our textured finishes.

ISO 9001:2008 with Design or ISO 9001:2008 without Design

Quality Management

Setting high level quality procedures and standards is KMI’s hallmark. World-class corporations rely on KMI’s press plate and precision grinding quality to create and maintain their standards. With our commitment and the experience of our technicians and our proven quality control system, we are proud to be certified to the highest standards of the laminate, aerospace, nuclear and military specifications. Frequent technical quality training guaranties the progressive qualification of our staff to react to the increase of demands in our industry.

It is the policy of Kings Mountain International, Inc. to:

  • Instill Kings Mountain International, Inc.’s Quality Management system into the Company’s culture and daily practices as a long-term commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.
  • To satisfy our Customer’s expectations by continuously improving the quality management system and focusing on Customer satisfaction.


Kings Mountain International values the health and safety of our employees, our customers, suppliers, our communities, and the stewardship of our environment. We carry out our business strategies while protecting and conserving natural resources and advocate that our vendors adopt prudent environmental principles as well. Kings Mountain International Inc. is committed to maintain compliance with applicable environmental and safety requirements and to employ effective pollution prevention and waste management programs to minimize environmental impact.